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William Smith

Principal Investigator
William Smith
(206) 528-3356

Project -- Scalable Hypothesis Reasoning: SHyRe

William Smith has more than ten years of experience as a software industry professional with success directing a range of initiatives while participating in the planning, analysis, and implementation of software frameworks.  His responsibilities in the full life cycle of software development comprise: project planning, software engineering, Linux server networks and security, and final product deployment.  William has worked in a diverse range of industries originally creating web applications for mobile networks pre-smart phone era, expanding networks to upload and transfer large commercial media files, and eventually focusing on expanding the Semantic Web and refining semantic technology frameworks.  Finally, William was involved in the Project Halo research group focusing on authoring solutions for the Semantic Web and populating a Symbolic A.I.  This project was closely associated with The Allen Institute for Brain Science enriching gene data into Linked Open Data, presenting research at semantic technology conferences, and collaborating with German research teams.

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