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Ryan LaMothe

Insider Threat Detection in the Cloud Use Case Lead
Ryan LaMothe
(509) 371-6424

Ryan LaMothe joined PNNL in 2009, as a Researcher in PNNL’s National Security Directorate. Ryan is currently the Lead and Principal Investigator (PI) for PNNL’s Institutional Cloud Computing capability, supporting private, hybrid and public cloud offerings. He has over 16 years experience as a professional software architect and engineer, specializing in both research and enterprise distributed computing solutions.

In addition, Ryan is the Lead and PI of multiple basic and applied research programs focusing on the implications of “big data” and streaming analytics on privacy and security in today’s highly converged world of traditional IT, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), networked control systems, and custom sensors. Recently, Ryan was an invited keynote speaker at the 2015 Internet of Things Security and Privacy Workshop, IEEE World Forum on IoT in Milan, Italy presenting research addressing privacy and security issues that arise from the large-scale collection of IoT device data in the cloud.

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