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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Nick Cramer

Principal Investigator
Nick Cramer
(509) 372-4728

Project -- Science of Interaction

Nick Cramer received his Computer Science degree from Central Washington University in 2001. Nick joined the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a visual analytics researcher in 2001. His primary training and interest are in visual analytics, including extensive experience in information visualization, text analytics, and software engineering.

One thrust of his research has been to research and develop visual analytic software systems which enable human-in-the-loop analysis of large, complex text corpora. His research spans large scale text analytics, keyword extraction, information signatures, topic detection, temporal analysis, visual metaphors, visualization interaction, and support for human-in-the-loop analytic methods. Nick has guided the execution of research and development of innovative new visualizations and text analysis algorithms for PNNL’s IN-SPIRE product. Under his leadership, nine major revisions of IN-SPIRE were released and deployed into production usage within the US Government. His work and partnerships have resulted in visualization software systems which are applied to solve real-world problems.

An additional thrust of his research is in mixed-initiative systems where visual analytics and recommender systems come together to solve problems. This line of research, called Active Data, seeks to create intelligent systems which take cues from user interaction to recognize their analysis task then automatically seek out, summarize, and deliver relevant data to the user. This work titled, Mixed-initiative Visual Analytics Using Task-Driven Recommendations, was published at IEEE Visual Analytics and Science Technology 2015 conference.

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