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Dr. Shari Matzner

Electron Microscopy Use Case Co-Lead
Dr. Shari Matzner
(360) 681-4577

Dr. Matzner joined PNNL as a graduate intern in 2007 and is now a senior research engineer at PNNL’s Marine Sciences Laboratory.  Prior to joining the lab, she worked as an engineer in the space program at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, developing applications to support the astronauts aboard the space shuttle and developing space station simulators for training ground controllers.  Seeking to pursue her interest in computer science, she worked as a software engineer in private industry at companies including IBM, Motorola, and Intel.  Her work at PNNL has been focused on developing technology for marine remote sensing to support environmental monitoring and national security objectives.  Over the last seven years, she has developed signal processing algorithms for the detection and classification of signals from passive acoustics, active acoustics, thermal video and satellite imagery, resulting in numerous publications and intellectual property for commercial licensing.  Her research interests are in developing new methods for interpreting signals from the ever-increasing array of sensors used to monitor our world.


  • Ph.D., Systems Science, Portland State University, 2011
  • M.S., Systems Science, Portland State University, 2005
  • Graduate Certificate, Computational Intelligence, Portland State University, 2005
  • B.S. Math, University of Wisconsin, 1987
Full Time Staff
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