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Dr. Dustin Arendt

Principal Investigator
Dr. Dustin Arendt
(509) 371-6902

Project -- AIM UCHD: User Centric Hypothesis Definition

Project -- SQUINT: Streaming Query User Interface

Dr. Dustin Arendt, Ph.D., is a senior visualization scientist in the Visual Analytics group at PNNL, joining the Laboratory in October 2014. He received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 2012, where he studied social network analysis and complex systems modeling and simulation. He pursued a postdoc in the area of visual analytics at the Air Force Research Laboratory from 2012 to 2014. There he focused on developing novel visualization techniques for complex dynamic networks. Currently Dustin’s research interests covers the intersection of machine learning, networks, and visual analytics, with a particular focus on novel and intuitive ways to communicate dynamism in complex changing systems.

Dustin is pioneering novel and scalable techniques for using storylines to visualize dynamic structure in networks and other forms of data. Recently an application of this new research won the top prize in the 2015 IEEE VPG international data visualization contest. Dustin has also recently published work on “Ocelot: User-centered Design of a Decision Support Visualization for Network Quarantine.” This research provided a novel way for users to interact with and explore a typical sized computer network for the purpose of performing moving target defense operations. Future areas of interest for Dustin will include a focus on adapting his novel techniques to real-world applications where the data is constantly streaming.

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