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Dr. Dimitri Zarzhitsky

AIM Software Integration Lead
Dr. Dimitri Zarzhitsky
(206) 528-3206

Dr. Dimitri Zarzhitsky, Ph.D. joined PNNL as a Research Engineer in July 2014.  He is responsible for the architecture, integration, and operation of the messaging infrastructure, in addition to software development resources and tools used by AIM projects. His current research focuses on cloud computing architectures and the application of emerging Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies in computational sciences. He has helped organize an IEEE workshop on the grand challenges of IoT privacy and security, and served as a program chair for an international conference on emerging security technologies. 

Dimitri is currently a member of the Human Centered Analytics team in the Computational & Statistical Analytics Division. Prior to joining PNNL, he worked as both a researcher and software developer, focusing on distributed systems, extreme terrain robotics, as well as information fusion techniques for streaming data.

Role: The infrastructure lead is responsible for planning, preparation, and oversight of end of year tests for AIM advances and AIM software integration; with the chief scientist, the infrastructure lead will design and implement the infrastructure and test range. In addition, the infrastructure lead will support the initiative's strategy development and outreach to the open science community and advise projects on streaming characterization, feature detection, and annotation for chemical imaging.

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