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Stream Processing at Facebook

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Blake Matheny
Facebook continuously processes an incredible amount of data in real-time, near-time, and batch. In this talk, through the use of case studies, we'll examine the systems that support this infrastructure. We will start by examining the systems responsible for data collection, processing, storage, and analysis. We will also, through the use of case studies, take a look at some of the interesting outcomes from recent analysis, mostly on the infrastructure (non-user) side of things. This talk will be most interesting for people responsible for or working in large scale data processing or analysis.
Speaker Bio

Blake Matheny is responsible for systems including the Linux Kernel as well as the Load Balancing infrastructure serving over a billion users and many millions of requests per second at Facebook. Blake has been working on large scale distributed systems for more than ten years, and is currently enamored with C++11, approaches to asynchronous computation, and scheduling algorithms. Blake lives in Woodside, CA with a cat that hates him, his wife, and their collection of books.

http://fb.me/blake.r.matheny or @bmatheny

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