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Investigating Human-Machine and Human-Human Trust: Observations and Findings from a Human Factors Psychologist

Thursday, January 5, 2017
Dr. Corey Fallon
Independent Consultant and Visiting Professor
University of Cincinnati
Dr. Fallon’s presentation will review several key topics related to the study of trust in human-machine and human-human teams. The discussion will be supported by Dr. Fallon’s own research and thinking, as well as the ideas and findings of other trusted researchers in the field. Several common misconceptions of trust will be exposed and discussed. Some of the topics covered in Dr. Fallon’s presentation will include: * Distinguishing trust from other related constructs * Designing machines to support trust calibration, not greater trust * The impact of trust violations and trust repair on operator trust
Speaker Bio

Corey Fallon, Ph.D., is an independent consultant and Visiting Professor at the University of Cincinnati. He has an M.S. in Human Factors Psychology and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. He has worked as a research scientist in both industry and academia, employing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Dr. Fallon’s primary area of expertise is the study of trust. He has explored trust in a variety of human factors contexts including trust in automation, trust in intelligence data, and trust in work teammates. His other areas of expertise include the study of decision-making, emotion, and stress in complex task domains as well as the impact of individual differences, such as emotional intelligence and personality, on work in these environments.

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