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Human learning processes for sensorimotor control

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Dr. Loes van Dam
Speaker Bio

Dr. Loes van Dam is a cognitive neuroscientist / psychophysicist with expertise in the areas of human multi-sensory perception and action. Her interests include determining how the human brain transforms the sensory information it receives into adequate perceptual interpretations and goal-oriented behavior. Her main research areas are visual perception, visuomotor performance and perception and action. She uses psychophysical and behavioral methods in addition to ideal-observer modelling to investigate these topics. For most of the research projects Dr. van Dam works on, she is involved at all stages (from building the setup and developing the sensory stimuli to analyzing the results and writing the paper). She has presented her work at international scientific conferences (e.g. VSS, ECVP and IMRF) and has been published in peer-reviewed journals.



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