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Data Cartography: Using Maps to Navigate Knowledge Networks

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Dr. Jevin West
As De Solla Price noted in 1965, the scholarly literature forms a vast network — where the nodes are the millions of papers published in scholarly journals and the links are the hundreds of millions of citations connecting these papers. These kinds of knowledge networks are not unique to scholarly literature. One finds them in patent literature, the World Wide Web, law documents, social media, and Wikipedia. New approaches to clustering and visualizing these kinds of networks make it possible to explore these systems similarly to the way we explore new cities geographically with Google Maps. In this presentation, Dr. West will talk about the methods for mapping knowledge networks and provide examples on how these maps can be used to identify innovative and influential ideas, people, and institutions.
Speaker Bio

Dr. Jevin West's research lies at the cross section of network science, knowledge organization, and information visualization. He co-runs the DataLab at University of Washington (UW) and is the co-founder of Eigenfactor.org - a free website that ranks and maps scholarly literature in order to better navigate and understand scientific knowledge. Prior to joining the faculty at UW, he was a post-doc in the Department of Physics at Umea University in Sweden and received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Washington.

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