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Corvus: An Intelligent Workflow Tool for Computational Materials Science and Spectroscopy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Shauna Story
Shauna Story will explain how during the past decade, her working group has increased its use of third-party codes to obtain properties that are unavailable in the code-base developed in-house. Until now, most development has relied on the creation of interfaces between pairs of codes, using a plethora of languages and coding strategies. The end result has been a proliferation of workflows that are neither expandable nor connectible and have steep learning curves for both use and development. To address this, they have designed a new, all-encompassing workflow tool for managing physical simulations that span multiple scientific codes. It is designed to accommodate both beginning users who only want to run pre-built workflows and experts who want to use and expand on the workflow’s provided functionality. This talk will showcase Corvus, the Python-based implementation of the design.
Speaker Bio

Shauna Story currently is a physics graduate student at the University of Washington in Seattle. She earned her undergraduate degree specializing in physics, math, and astronomy at the University of Arizona.

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