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The Impact of Streaming Data on Sensemaking with Mixed-Initative Visual Analytics

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Visual data analysis helps people gain insights into data via interactive visualizations. People generate and test hypotheses and questions about data in context of the domain. This process can generally be referred to as sensemaking. Much of the work on studying sensemaking (and creating visual analytic techniques in support of it) has been focused on static datasets. However, how do the cognitive processes of sensemaking change when data are changing? Further, what implication for design does this create for mixed-initiative visual analytics systems? This paper presents the results of a user study analyzing the impact of streaming data on sensemaking. To perform this study, we developed a mixed-initiative visual analytic prototype, the Streaming Canvas, that affords the analysis of streaming text data. We compare the sensemaking process of people using this tool for a static and streaming dataset. We present the results of this study and discuss the implications on future visual analytic systems that combine machine learning and interactive visualization to help people make sense of streaming data.
Cramer NO, GC Nakamura, and A Endert. 2017. "The Impact of Streaming Data on Sensemaking with Mixed-Initative Visual Analytics." In HCI International 2017. PNNL-SA-124300, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA.
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