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Active Data to Facilitate Human-in-the-Loop Multi-INT Analysis

Publish Date: 
Thursday, July 31, 2014
We present a prototype Active Data environment, which addresses the challenge of human-in-the-loop multi-INT analysis of data from diverse sources. Active Data combines powerful user interfaces, data and task models. It infers the user's task from her interactions and recommends data to the user in the context of the ongoing analysis. This environment extends the analyst's reach, enriching the ongoing analysis with relevant information.
Cook KA, R Perrault, D Israel, NO Cramer, JR Bruce, ER Burtner, A Endert, M Tyson, W Deans, MJ Wolverton, and T Lee. 2014. "Active Data to Facilitate Human-in-the-Loop Multi-INT Analysis." Presented by Kristin Cook, Ray Perrault at SOMI 2014, Chantilly, Virginia on September 9, 2014. PNNL-SA-103267.
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