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Bounded Informational Framework for the Optimization of Streaming systems (BIFROST)

Defining optimality and ensuring global optimal performance for a complex system of systems is a challenging, active area of research. These challenges are exacerbated when humans are components in such systems: while humans excel at learning and are adept at generalizing experiences to solve new problems, human behavior is often irrational and human processing speeds are comparatively slow and unpredictable at performing certain tasks (e.g., due to cognitive depletion).

This work has three main objectives:

  1. Develop and demonstrate the mathematical foundations to identify the optimal roles and actions for all components in a complex system of systems where components actions are well defined.
  2. Extend this work to define optimality in a streaming system of systems. In comparison to components considered in the previous task, components in these systems must make decisions based on incomplete information (i.e., information based on sampled data streams). We thus extend optimality to account for irrationality based on lossy information.
  3. Finally, extend these foundations to define optimality for dynamic systems that transition between states. In such systems, the roles of components may change based on the state the system is operating in. 
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