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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Rob Jasper

Analysis in Motion Initiative Lead

Rob Jasper is a manager in PNNL's National Security Directorate. He is a passionate technology executive, leader, and innovator with extensive experience recruiting, motivating, and leading high-performance teams from private technology ventures to Fortune 500 companies. Before joining PNNL, Rob served as Vice President of Data Sciences at PayScale where he was responsible for the research and development of key core technologies. Prior to PayScale, Rob was Chief Technology Officer at Intelligent Results where he led the technology roadmap, research, and development of the company's core intellectual property, resulting in the profitable sale of Intelligent Results to First Data. At First Data, Rob was Vice President of Information Services and Chief Technology Officer of the Analytics Center of Excellence where he oversaw the design, development and support of over 20 products in the areas of fraud, analytics, and data solutions. Additionally, Rob has served as Chief Scientist at Fizzylab, was an Adjunct Professor at Seattle University, and was a Research Manager at The Boeing Company. Rob was owner of Octave Labs, LLC, an independent analytics consulting firm to Ignition Partners, Vulcan, and Clearsight Systems. He is an advisory board member for the University of Washington's Certificate Program in Big Data Technologies and Master of Software Engineering program advisory board at Seattle University. Rob received his Masters of Software Engineering from Seattle University.

Role: The initiative lead is responsible for overall program management and ongoing leadership of the initiative team, including selecting initiative team members. The initiative lead also coordinates with other initiatives and PNNL leadership (including sector and capability managers) to make sure that AIM remains aligned with laboratory strategy and advances the mission needs of the laboratory, including oversight of strategy development for transition to programmatic funding for AIM capabilities.

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