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Dr. Mark Greaves

Principal Investigator, Former Initiative Lead
Dr. Mark Greaves
(206) 528-3300

Project -- Streaming Data Characterization

Mark Greaves has more than two decades of experience as a computer science researcher, project leader, and research executive.

Prior to joining PNNL in April, Mark served as Director of Knowledge Systems at Vulcan Inc., the private asset management company for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. At Vulcan, he led advanced research projects in large scientific knowledge bases, question-answering systems, and digital textbook technology, as well as worked with Vulcan Capital on several startups and early-stage development ventures. Mark was also vice president of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, which supports individual researchers and research groups that have the promise to dramatically accelerate progress in artificial intelligence.

Prior to Vulcan, Mark was at DARPA, serving as director of the Joint Logistics Technology Office, and program manager in the Information Exploitation Office. He directed advanced research programs addressing semantic web technology, formal ontology specification, logistics and supply chain control technologies, and the application of software agent technology to problems of distributed control of complex systems-of-systems. Prior to DARPA, Mark worked on advanced programs in software agent technology and statistical natural language processing at the Mathematics and Computing Technology group of Boeing.

Mark received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1997.

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