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Steer: The ability to adjust and adapt

Which data is relevant for me to make the right decision in a timely fashion?

Decision quality in operational environments is constrained by the amount of data that can be transmitted and reviewed in the required decision cycle time. Operators frequently lack the capability to quickly tune and shape online data collection strategies during operations. These constraints limit situation awareness. They reduce an operator's ability to confidently take action due to unknown and missing data, as well as the lack of relevant information.

AIM developed ways to adjust and adapt stream acquisition, fusion, and corresponding analytics to optimize correct, useful, and timely interpretation of data. Successful steering provides for enhanced, targeted data collection and situation awareness. Bandwidth requirements are reduced. Resiliency is improved. The use of existing downstream resources can be optimized.

AIM capabilities and solutions

  • Sparse sample metrics
  • Visual explanations
  • Incremental machine learning
  • Human-on-the-loop steerability
  • Streaming infrastructure
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