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Human-Machine Intelligence: Optimizing skills and resources between human and machine teammates

What’s the right balance between humans and machines?

Operational performance declines over time due to increased workload. Increased machine support can degrade system performance as the human is overloaded with new tools, and machine intelligence often fails to work due to lack of contextual awareness and general opacity. As non-expert users cannot re-program machine learning algorithms, the analytical tools become increasingly error prone and difficult to trust.

AIM developed ways to increase and optimize machine and human intelligence through strategic acquisition of new data and collective interaction of machines and humans. Joint human-machine intelligence means human feedback is seamlessly integrated into algorithms and machine intelligence adapts to maintain correct, timely, useful system performance. Human-machine intelligence reduces analyst fatigue and increases operational performance.

AIM capabilities and solutions

  • Interactive visualization
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Cognitive depletion in streams
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